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If you’re an influencer or blogger who is ready to monetize your following, brand pitch emails are a great way to introduce yourself.

They can be the first real introduction of what you have in store for brands and create mutually beneficial partnerships that boost sales while allowing bloggers like yourselves make a living from doing something they love.

This doesn’t mean getting it right all the time though; if done incorrectly, this could lead to frustrations with other potential partners in your industry being reluctant at best and not willing at worst – meaning it’s super important to make those pitches perfect every single time.

With this in mind, we’ve created 64 brand pitch templates for any blogger or influencer to copy / adapt / and paste to potential brand collaborators.

What is a Brand Pitch Email?

A brand pitch email is an introductory message that can help remove some barriers for bloggers trying to get in front of specific brands. It provides the brand with enough context around what your blog is about, and what you can offer so that they have something to work from when deciding whether or not it’s worth their time to visit your site more deeply. It is essentially a teaser, with the goal of getting your media kit and rate card in front of the brands marketing manager.

The main goal of this email is to start a conversation. You don’t need to write a lengthy, detailed, complex email. All you have to do for now is include the key information that partnership and marketing teams care about when they are choosing influencers or affiliates – just make sure your contact details are in there somewhere!

First you need to start with a subject line:

Email subject lines are the most important part of cold emailing to brands. They can be the difference between someone opening your message or forgetting about it and moving on with their day. You want a compelling, interesting line that will grab people’s attention so they’ll click through to read more–and hopefully give you an answer!

It’s difficult to make compelling subject lines without coming off as pushy. If you’re not careful, your messages could end up in a spam folder!

According to research, personalized subject lines have a 30.5% higher rate of response than generic ones so adding in someone’s name will always be beneficial! Also, most email subscribers say they prefer to receive messages from businesses with numbers in the subject line. In fact, emails that use numbers are 26% more likely to be opened than those without them (Source: Experian).

Here are some example subject lines you can use with out brand pitch email templates further below:

  • My blog, your brand
  • My blog, your brand + 200,000 monthly readers
  • Jamie, I am looking for a brand to collaborate with my blog!
  • Hi, I am Jeff from Jeffs Travel Blog.
  • Brand collaboration opportunity (media kit attached)

Then you need an introduction:

The introduction should be personalized as much as possible while still retaining its concise nature – this means mixing up which aspects are most relevant depending on who you’re sending it too.

And a call to action:

CTA’s are used to prompt an immediate response or encourage a sale. They’re strategically designed and can be placed on websites, social media pages, and email campaigns – including brand pitch emails!

What step do you want the recipient to take after reading your email? Should they download your media kit? Or should they reply with an expression of interest for more information?

It’s a good idea to end your emails with the proposed next steps. Here’s a few examples:

  • “If you would like to know more just let me know, and I can send through my media kit and rate card.”
  • “Does this sound like an opportunity you would be interested in? If it does, let’s set up a time to discuss it further? I’m free Thursday!”
  • “I’m always up for new collaborations! If you are interested in working together, please get back to me and we can chat about what type of partnership would be beneficial. I am sure that there is something out there which will work well with your company as well mine.”

Although not all our brand pitch email templates below end with a call to action, be sure to adapt the template you choose and add an appropriate CTA.

Choosing The Right Brands to Pitch

A successful email pitch campaign starts with making sure the brands you’re pitching are interested in your audience. If they don’t have overlapping audiences, there’s nothing for them to gain from it and no reason for them to take action on behalf of your brand or product.

To get the best response from your emails, you’ve got to make sure that it’s a good fit for both of you. Pitching fitness and health brands? Make sure they have an audience with some overlap!

Once you have narrowed down which companies are worth approaching with an offer based off of what they sell (make sure it overlaps!) make sure that you create a unique message for each one so as not to sound like just another spammer sending out generic messages left and right.

Brand Pitch Email Templates:

Finally, we get to the brand pitch email templates!

Although we have outlined the three main parts of a brand pitch email above, you don’t need to follow this formula 100% of the time. Do what works for you, and take some inspiration from our brand pitch email templates below.

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #1

Dear [recipient’s name]!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying a great day.

I just wanted to reach out because my blog is lifestyle-oriented, with an emphasis on modern fashion trends. My content focuses mostly around what people are wearing in their everyday life–from the latest styles at boutiques like your store to outfit ideas for events like parties or weddings that are coming up soon.

On top of all this, I have over 100K followers across Instagram and Facebook who come from different backgrounds but share similar interests as mine when it comes to clothes & style (take a look!).

The result? A highly engaged audience looking for new inspiration every week – something we both could take advantage of if given the chance…

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #2

Hi [recipient’s name]!

My blog, [blog title], is lifestyle-oriented and mostly focuses on modern fashion. I am reaching out to you because I would like to collaborate with your brand.

Here are some stats about my audience:

I have a highly engaged following of over 56K followers across all social media platforms and they resonate well with the vision that your company has set forth in its mission statement.

Below are examples from previous collaborations between myself as an influencer and other brands (i.e., Target).

If this sounds interesting, please reply so we can discuss it more thoroughly via email or phone call if necessary 🙂

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #3

Hi [recipient’s name]!

I know you have a passion for fashion and style, which is why I’m reaching out to see if we can work together.

My blog mostly focuses on modern styles with an edge that are perfect for your audience of stylish women who love the latest trends.

Here’s my stats:

  • Over 40% of our users visit 2x per day or more;
  • Almost one third buy from brands featured on our website monthly/annually;
  • We’re ranked in the top 20 lifestyle blogs by Alexa Rank

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #4

Hi [name]!

My blog is all about baking, and we have over 20k weekly readers. I’m reaching out to you because I would love for us both to collaborate with one another.

My blogs readers are high income earners, primarily female, and aged from 25 to 45 – which I believe perfectly matches your target audience.

We offer sponsored content, sponsored sections, social media campaigns & digital ads as well- so if there’s anything your bakery could use some help with in that department feel free to reach back out at any time!

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #5

Dear [recipient’s name]!

My name is [your name] from the blog, Style Inspirations. I have been using your product for almost a year now and as such wanted to reach out to you about how we can work together in some capacity or another.

As it stands right now, my lifestyle-oriented website mostly focuses on modern fashion trends that are popular among millennials like myself – which seems like something you’d be interested in partnering with us on seeing as one of our main objectives here at Style Inspirations is showcasing brands who align themselves well with women’s interests across various industries (and not just beauty).

That being said, please take into consideration these examples:
I’ve had great success working

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #6

Dear [recipient’s name]!
I hope you’re doing well and enjoying a great day. My blog, [blog title], is about travel and mostly focuses on digital nomads. I am reaching out to you because I would love for us both to collaborate with one another in the future by partnering up or advertising our content together so that we can reach even more people who share similar interests in travelling like ourselves!

My blog has a very specific demographic, which I believe will be perfect for your brand. My blogs readers are primarily female and aged 25-45 – the exact target audience you were looking for.

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #7

Hi [recipient’s name]!

I hope you’re doing well. My name is _ from , and together with my team we’ve been using your products for almost a year now – so it’s no wonder that I feel like one of the family by this point (but don’t tell anyone!).

My blog readers are educated, affluent young professionals who want to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

But before anything else, let me introduce myself. At _(website)_I blog about lifestyle topics including fashion and design trends as seen through the lens of modern culture-savvy women around the

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #8

Dear [recipient’s name]!

My blog is lifestyle-oriented and it mostly focuses on modern fashion. I am reaching out to you because I would like to collaborate with your brand in a mutually beneficial way that could fit the needs of both parties.

My audience can be highly engaged when discussing topics they are passionate about, such as clothing brands (such as yours).

Here’s some examples:

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #9

Hi [recipient’s name]!
I hope you are doing well and enjoying a great day.

I’m reaching out to you because my blog, [blog title], focuses primarily on digital nomads and travel around the world. In particular, it is geared towards people who work remotely or want to be able to take their jobs with them anywhere in the world they go- as long as there’s an internet connection available nearby.

It would be awesome if we could collaborate together so that your brand has exposure among this niche audience of travellers looking for more information about where other entrepreneurs like themselves have travelled throughout different parts of the globe (and how they were able).

Thanks again for taking time reading this email 🙂

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #10

Dear [recipient’s name]!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying a great day.

My blog, __[blog title], is about travel and mostly focuses on digital nomads. I am reaching out to you because we would like to collaborate with your brand for the following reasons:

  • With over 200k followers in our community it’s difficult for brands not be heard by them
  • Our audience has expressed interest in learning more from businesses they admire or find interesting

And as an added bonus, if your company sponsors this post then we will promote it across all of social media channels (Facebook/Instagram) which together have 150k+ followers!

We look forward hearing back soon 🙂

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #11

Hi [recipient’s name]!

My name is _ from __. I’ve been using your brand for almost a year and have loved every minute of it, so when I saw you shared the same values as me on social media- namely authenticity and creativity- my interest was piqued even more.

It seems like we would be perfect partners in crime. Google Analytics has shown that the majority of readers on my blog are high income earners, mainly females between 25 and 45. This is exactly your target audience, right?

Let’s talk soon about how to collaborate together 🙂

Brand Pitch Email Template Example #12

Hello, [your recipient’s name]!

I hope you’re doing well. My name is [insert your first and last name], from the blog named Lifestyle Thoughts by Rebecca (

As one of my readers, I wanted to reach out because this might be a perfect opportunity for us both – where we can collaborate with each other on content that our audiences will resonate easily with given their needs.

Here are some stats about me:

Your audience resonates automatically when it comes to lifestyle posts like mine; they need style advice in order not only feel confident but also stay stylish everyday as part of being successful at work or getting ahead within their careers without sacrificing what

Final Word

Brands are not neccessarily looking for the next big thing, they’re more likely looking to reach a specific demographic.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2000 blog readers or 20 million – it’s all about reaching the right demographic. If you’re able to provide brands with an audience that fits their target market, then there should be no problem in landing a bit of sponsored content here or there.

The size of your audience does not limit the potential for brands to collaborate with you. If you have a well designed blog, high quality content, and an engaged following on social media platforms then there will be opportunities available to you.

A small but dedicated viewership is just as valuable in some ways when it comes to pitching brand collaboration ideas from what may seem like unapproachable companies because they will want their product associated with something authentic. And for blogger, authenticity is something they can offer that big publication often cant!

It is never too early or too late to start pitching brands. Start now and you’ll have a headstart before all your competitors!

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